Question time

To make it easier and clearer for your research, we have summarised some of the most frequently asked questions throughout our practice. Hopefully, you will find your answers below.

- Does Acupuncture help?

Absolutely! There is a reason for it to be around human history for thousands of years. Note that there is no standard formula, as to treatment types and results in effectiveness differ due to different practitioner style and individual’s physical condition & lifestyle. So that’s why we make sure we spend enough time with you especially during the first treatment so we don’t jump to conclusions. Also it is important for you to come to an Acupuncturist that not only just sticks the needles. 😊

- Are needles painful?

We don’t treat pain with greater pain. Acupuncture needles are so thin (like a strand of hair) that when it is inserted correctly, normally you would just feel a sensation - and the healing & relaxing treatment starts.

- Are there side effects?

When the needles are administrated properly, occasionally minor bleeding and bruise around the treatment area can happen, but it is not significantly noticeable. Acupuncture is considered to be one of the safest treatments.

- Is Acupuncture a suitable treatment for my condition?

We need to talk to you before giving out that answer. Bear in mind that we offer different types of treatment including but not limited to Moxibustion, Cupping, Tuina, Electrical therapy, Infrared lamp therapy.

- What do I need to prepare for Acupuncture treatment?

Nothing much. Be at your normal condition and we will receive more information during the consultation so that we can assess more accurately.

- How do I claim ACC at PrimeCare Acupuncture Clinic?

Easy! Bring your claim number that was issued by either your GP, Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor to PrimeCare and we will take care rest of the paperwork for you.

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