Matthew Jin

NZ Registered Acupuncturist, ACC Provider

BHSc of TCM, Diploma in Healthcare


Specialised in Pain Management, Sport Injury, Emotional Disorder

Acupuncturist in Palmerston North

My passion for helping people started young - I watched my father making a difference in his student’s lives by education. After moving to New Zealand, it became clearer that, I would also like to make a positive influence on people's daily life, but in a different way – the healthcare sector.

It motivated me to complete Diploma in Healthcare, later on, I obtained Bachelor of Health Science, major in Acupuncture. Afterwards, I completed Chiropractic course of Korea Rehabilitation Science Association, as well as completed the Master of Sports Tapping.

During my practice in Auckland, I worked closely with Physiotherapist, I came across varies of pain management and sports injury related cases, the successful results not only brought me with more experience but also, a greater sense of achievement, life-long determination of treating people well, and to help them to relieve pain and regain strength. So that they can achieve what they want to do in their lives.

PrimeCare is attentive, we listen well to your needs, provides best care and solutions according to individual cases. With our skills and experience, I am confident that you will feel much better after treatments.